Clearing The Air – Moving Property In A New Lockdown

Following the recently introduced tighter national lockdown in Scotland there has naturally been a lot of uncertainty surrounding the ever-changing restrictions on our day to day lives. At Rollos, we are still fortunately able to provide you with the same level of quality service. With this blog, we hope to reassure and clear up the air on a couple of commonly asked questions which we have been receiving lately.

Can I view properties during lockdown?

In the current environment, the phrasing “face to face viewing” may quickly go out of fashion!

Yes, you can view properties during lockdown! Whether it be via Zoom, WhatsApp or Facetime, our staff can show you around a property and answer any enquiries you may have just as normal. We can happily talk you through getting started on the application process and what steps to take next if you are interested in the property.

Scottish law is not currently forbidding property viewings, however, it is advised we try to keep to digital viewings as much as possible as the Scottish Government strongly encourages postponing face to face viewings at present. Follow this link for more information on current guidance –

To clarify, face to face viewings are still permitted though it is encouraged that they be carried out either after seeing a property digitally first or the prospective tenant/purchaser is serious on letting/purchasing the property in question.

Over the past year, during viewings we have taken extra care to ensure our staff at Rollos have adhered to all guidelines ensuring facemasks are worn at all times, hands are sanitised and social distancing measures are in place when showing potential tenants and purchasers around our properties and have had excellent feedback in the way this has been carried out.

Can I still move property during lockdown?

One of the most common questions we get asked at the moment is regarding the travel ban from England or other nations. Or indeed, even moving from one local authority to another in Scotland.

Fortunately, current laws do permit moving during lockdown.

Although it is advised to postpone moves as much as possible, they can still take place. For more information regarding current restrictions, click here –

If you have any questions, or wish to request a viewing for one of our properties then please don’t hesitate to give one of our property branches a call.

St Andrews Property Sales – 01334 477700

St Andrews Letting – 01334 477774

Cupar – Property Sales and Letting -01334 654081

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