House Purchase In Scotland

Looking to purchase property with us in Scotland? As we operate under a separate legal system to England and Wales, our Property Team in Cupar have detailed some helpful notes relating on House Purchase in Scotland.

If you would like more information or have seen a property that you would like to view, call in to your local office to speak to a member of our team.

Home Report

In 2008 Scottish Home Report Surveys and valuation (Home Reports) were introduced.  Paid by the seller it provides potential buyers with a mortgage valuation report, single survey, Energy Performance Certificate EPC) and a Property Questionnaire. The report will also consist of any additional observations that the surveyor has made.  This valuation is carried out shortly before the property is put on the market and is the professional opinion of a chartered valuation surveyor.  The survey part of the home report has a shelf life of 12 weeks and after that period an updated report will be requested at the cost of the seller.

Offers Over

The purchase price may be stated as being offers over a specified sum. This means that the seller is expecting an offer in excess of the specified sum. There is no set percentage.

Fixed Price

Throughout marketing the seller/selling agent may decide to market at a fixed price.  This is the figure that will be accepted.

Declaring an interest in a property

Once you have seen a suitable property and obtained a set of sales particulars, if available, you should immediately contact the selling agent or your solicitor, who will then talk you through the necessary procedures.

They will then contact the seller’s agent to note on your behalf an interest in the property.

The solicitor will then guide you and proceed to submit a written offer.

Note of interest

Your solicitor will note an interest for you formally by contacting the selling agents and intimating your interest in the property. It is then professional courtesy on the part of the selling agents to formally advise all parties who have noted an interest through their solicitors once a closing date has been set. The sellers are not however obliged to set a closing date and may accept an offer from any party at any time.

Closing Date

If a number of parties have noted an interest, the sellers may set a closing date for offers. This is usually noon on a certain date, and offers should be submitted before that time on that day in writing via a solicitor.  You will normally be advised how many other parties have noted an interest, but not what they will be offering. It is at this stage that you must decide how much you are willing to offer, depending on the valuation and level of interest. If your offer is unsuccessful, your solicitor is not permitted to resubmit a higher offer on your behalf.


This is the formal written offer prepared by your solicitor.  A time limit for acceptance is normally included  in the offer. The offer contains the names of the buyers, the property, the price, date of entry, details of any extras and standard missives. This document will be addressed by both the buyer and sellers solicitor. 

Under Offer/Sold Subject to Concluded Missives

Once a formal written is in place and has been accepted the sale is then classified as Under Offer / Sold Subject to Concluded Missives. At this point, there is no further marketing while the missives are being addressed by the solicitor. Once missives are concluded the sale is classified as Sold.


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