Frequently Asked Questions

When can I view properties?

Properties may be viewed as of the date our Student List is released. The list of properties available may be downloaded from the link provided.  To view our standard Schedule of Terms and Conditions attached to all our student leases please use the following link: Terms & Conditions

What do I need to secure a property?

You can secure a property once it has been allocated to you with a deposit which is the same amount as one month's rent. A property will not be allocated without FULL references.

What references do I need?

We ask for a reference from your current Landlord/warden and a character reference from an appropriate person who has known you for a number of years, e.g. lecturer, teacher, former employer.

Will I need a guarantor?

Yes, if you are an under graduate, not necessarily if you are post gradauate. When you are allocated a property Rollos will request from your parents a Guarantor Letter which we will provide for completion. These letters will require your parents signature. If post graduates can provide proof of their funding a Parental Guarantor Letter may not be requested.

What tenancy will I be signing?

A Short Assured Tenancy. Short Assured Tenancies are the most common form of tenancy used locally in the private rented sector.

How long will my tenancy last?

The length of tenancy differs with different properties. The length of the tenancy will be shown on the list of properties released.

Can I give notice?

You are signing into a legally binding document and if you wish to be released from this obligation a replacement tenant must be found. Rollos will assist you in this matter, but until a new lease is prepared you are obgliged to pay the rental and utility bills.

What are my obligations as a tenant?

To keep the property and contents in good condition and report any maintenance work that may be required. If the property has a garden area, regular garden maintenance will also be required. Pay your utility bills and make sure you pay your rental according to the dates on your lease. Be mindful of your neighbours.

Who holds my deposit?

Deposits are lodged with Safe Deposit Scotland for the duration of your tenancy.

If there is a problem who do I contact?

Any problems you may encounter with the property must be reported to our Property Letting Office and the problem will be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. You will have emergency out of hours numbers to call if anything urgent should occur when the office is closed.

Should you require any further information please contact Gillian Cowan  by phone or email.  Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm. We also have a 24 hour answer machine which is regularly monitored when the office is closed.

Gillian Cowan, Property Letting Manager

Craig Niven, Property Management Consultant

Gary Shannon, Property Letting Maintenance

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