Claims from Cohabitations and Civil Partnerships

Claims Arising Out Of Cohabitation

Former cohabitants are at last afforded rights to claim financial provision at the end of cohabitation. They can also apply for a share in the estate of a deceased cohabitant who died without a Will.

These claims can consist of a payment of capital sum or for payment in respect of the economic burden of caring for a child of the parties.

The tests presently adopted by the Courts in this area are as complex as they are stringent.

We can assist in quantifying and establishing a claim before raising proceedings to pursue same in the event agreement and settlement cannot be reached.

A Court action of this nature must be raised within twelve months of the cessation of cohabitation.

Civil Partners and Same Sex Cohabitants

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 finally created rights for partners similar to those of a married couple and we are fully conversant with the rights now afforded. We can assist in preparing a Civil Partnership Agreement regulating financial matters and with the dissolution in the event the relationship has ended.

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